Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simple Ivory Wedding Cake

This is the simplest cake I have made ever!!!  No sugar flowers, no textures, no laces, no color!!  The bride just wanted fresh roses on the cake....and ivory colored ribbons. Turns out beautifully.  Agree??

Cake assembled and ready to be delivered

Completed with fresh roses

Teddy Bear Cupcake Tower

Tiffany blue for Baby Clinton!!!

This is the topper....cake is in the big candle
White teddy is pure sugar paste
Cupcake tower set up in Maricosa

The set of cupcake toppers

Prosperity Bowl Cake

Is this cake very Chinese or is it very Chinese???  Hahahaha.  It was commissioned for an 80th birthday.  I have always wanted to make a very bright and eye catching cake....since the customer's main criteria is the bowl I decide to go Chinese all the way.  Red cake, green jade, prosperity symbol, peaches, cranes and that oh-so-Oriental pine tree branches.

The gold bowl made with sugar paste

The velvety sugar peaches and prosperity jade

Close up of the crane - view 1

Close up of the crane - view 2

Champagne Cake

This cake is commissioned by a young man for his girlfriend (of coz)...over SMSes.  All accessories are edible.

Minion Cake

This is another cake where the customer drive up to Penang from Kuala Lumpur to collect!  The cake in front of Minion is really a cake!  Everything is edible.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pirate Ship Cake

For my nephew Ryan who loves pirate ship since very little.  Everything is edible here except the 'poles' for the sails.  It is chocolate cake inside with lots of chocolate ganache.