Monday, January 6, 2014

Purple Peony Cupcake Tower

A rare color combo....purple and green.  Purple is the bride's favorite color and green is the groom's.  When put together its like their love for each other...strong and sincere!!

Another Rose Cake

This is for a small morning reception for a very nice couple.  Pretty in pink!!

Dragon & Phoenic Cake for 90th Birthday Celebration

This cake was commissioned for a 90th birthday celebration.  A rare number to make, huh?

The dragon was semi-molded.  The body was hand-mold and covered with cut-out scales.  I tried to use tools to make scales directly on the body but it cracked a few times much to my frustration. As time was running out I was desperate and do what a normal person will do and try not to act clever...use circles!!! Yes...piece by piece but it was still way easier than when I tried to use my curved tools to make indentations.

Results was not too bad.  If only we have more time I would have hand-molded the feet as well. Weenee did a good job on the scroll and as requested a 2D phoenix.  As buddy from 'Cake Boss' would say "when we stand back and look, it was just awesome!"