Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sophie Rabbit Cake

Bet you have never heard of a Sophie Rabbit!

It is actually the girl version of Peter Rabbit!!! Hahahaha.  Jokes aside, this cake is for my little grand daughter Sophie who is celebrating her Full Moon (one month old)...thus Sophie Rabbit.  Get it now?

The name Sophie on the pink top

The cute headband from daddy's

Baby Sophie and Mummy

It is chocolate cake inside

The original Peter Rabbit
baby plush toy

Minnie Mouse and House

Its for little Caitlyn.  Her mum specifically wants lots of 'bees' on the cake simply because Caitlyn love her bee costume.  I wish I was there to see her reaction when she saw her cake!

My simple version of Minnie's house

One of the 'flying' bees

My first Minnie Mouse

Another Ruffle Cake

This is a birthday cake for Lucita!!!  She wants 'fluttering' butterflies to go with her cakes.

Lace Cupcake Tower

Its for Allan and Emily Low @ E&O Hotel garden wedding!

The beautiful set up in the patio

The pink cake topper with sugar laces and bling-bling

Close up of the cupcake arrangement

Test arrangement in the studio
The other side of the top cake
The set of cupcake toppers

25th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Its a heart-shaped lace cake for a 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Some of the laces are made to look like they are 25 years old....yellowish.