Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soft Toy Cake Collection inspired by Rachelle Miller

It was my daughter-in-law's birthday and since I got her a Swarovski cupcake bracelet charm I thought it would be a good idea to make her a giant cupcake with a Hello Kitty figurine on top. 

But Weenee said "no no....too common".  I kind of agree...or was she too convincing???  Hmmm...

Anyway we found this illustration of Rachelle Miller's and I was excited as it is a rabbit and a baby.  Since Mother's day is just around the corner we thought it is a good idea to make the rabbit cake for my daughter-in-law....as she too loves rabbits and a first-time mother.  It will be like a double celebration.

The illustration by Rachelle Miller

To read about how we ended up making the whole collection please go to
Rachelle Miller Collection in Cake

The birthday cake

Rabbits - dedicated to Ishuet & Sophie

Whales - dedicated to me & 3 sons

Giraffe - dedicated to Mag & sons

Owls - awaiting ownership

Bears - dedicated to Weenee & Zac

Birds - dedicated to Boon Shi & Kai

The complete collection

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hoot The Owl Cake

This cake was made specially for Weenee and her new baby Zac to celebrate his Full Moon!!!

This is the size of the cake
Cupcakes made by Weenee

Fireman Cake

Commissioned for little 1 year old Emmette.


Topsy Turvy Alice in Wonderland Cake

This is a simple version of a Alice in Wonderland whimsical cake...for a 1 year old.  

The celebration was just 1 floor below our studio and you can imagine the ooohs and the aahhhs we got when we sent the cake down.  These might not mean anything to another laymen but to us they meant a whole lot.  They drive us. They motivate us.  They send us to heaven and back to create better cakes for the customer next in line.  Hehe.

So next time when you see us do give us that 'sugar-rush', ya???

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Commissioned by the children of the elderly couple for their anniversary.  

The cake is inspired by their invitation card with Japanese and Chinese influence.  We decided to make the figurines in clay so that the couple can keep them....like forever.

The 'wave' design took us ages to complete.  It was painstaking.  Every line was put up one by one and making sure the curve is smooth....and our 'glue' not seen.  But if you were to ask us to make another cake with the same wave design...we will NOT hesitate.  The effect is so so stunning.  Agree?

3-tiers of real cake

The painstaking lines on the wave design

Their invitation card

Princess & Anpanman

It is very common for us to have requests for a princess-like cake of all sorts....Cinderella, Snow White, Barbie, Fairy etc etc but a princess with a weird looking 'man' is a first.  I mean, we don't even know who is this Anpanman...just like we did not know about Pat the Postman.

We googled for him and see this round faced character with 2 circles as cheeks!!!  A Japanese bread man.  But work is work...we got out our drawing pad and send our proposal to the mother of the little princess Abigael in no time.  Mummy has one request...please make Anpanman as cute as possible!!!  Hmmm...what a challenge. LOL.

Hehehe...presenting our cute yet manly Anpanman so protective over our little princess holding her head (she is too young to have a boyfriend, ya?) in front of her cake castle.

The castle towers are all hollow sugar paste.  Cake is behind the couple.

The Princess & Anpanman

The beautiful and simple set up

Ariel Cake

Ahhh...my first Ariel.  I have always wanted to do a mermaid topper with shiny and glittery body.  I love making human figurines in short....but since animals is not my forte Weenee tackled Flounder. This is the plus plus point in having a partner!!!!  *wink wink*

Both tiers are cake and all accents are sugar....seashells, corals, weeds etc.

This is our new collaboration...tada!!!!

 Hope you like it as much as we love it!!