Monday, March 31, 2014

Old Charm of Penang captured on a cupcake tower

Very original.  Very creative.  And I would add....Very confident.  Normally customers want more but this bride wants very little.  And she knows it means more.  From the wedding invites one would be able to tell already that she is very creative.  And she knows that the little sparsely spaced 'moustache' cuttings on the cupcakes would sell ....shows her confidence. 

Oh...the 'couple on the bicycle' was cut out from the wedding invite....just for my photography pleasure.  The silhouette was the real deal.

SpiderMan Cake

Commissioned for Eugene who was specific with what he wants.  He wants Spiderman to 'catch' a number 5 in his web like in the photo!  (His mum attached the photo of a cake made by Marzia Caruso).  Normally I do not like to copy but for a child I have to bend over I guess.  Hahaha.  Oh yes...he wants lots of stars around Spiderman too...only I did not put them YET.

I wish I could see his face when he saw this cake.  But I overheard the mum explaining to him about the stars when she sent him a MMS during pick it up..."the lady lets you put up your own stars!"

Name handwritten using SpiderMan font

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Baby 1st Birthday Cake

Its a very colourful cake for Megan's 1st birthday.  

The mummy wants her baby to hold a cat

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Melody Baby Cake

To welcome a one month old baby by the name of Aria ......meaning Melody.

William & Anjol Floral Wedding Cake 2

Continued from previous post

It was William's childhood dream to be an actor. Hence....*drum rolls* cinema/movie theme night for his second dinner!!!!

Before I forget, the couple even made a short movie of themselves meeting after school and eventually getting married and they were too late for their own wedding dinner.  The guests had left!  THEN....they woke up and realized it was just a bad dream.  But in 'reality' all is not over.  They overslept!!!  Panic they had to rush to their wedding dinner where guests are already waiting.  That was when the movie ended and they make their ENTRANCE.  It was hilarious and cute at the same time.  Both were such natural as actors.  Shane (MY SON *cough*) was their wedding planner for the 2 nights and he did great with the idea of the movie.  That night I see Shane in a different light....a true talent.  His planning and decorating ideas speaks volume.  As an MC he was lively and confident.  Proud of him.  BTW its the first time I attended a dinner with him as emcee and planner....that is why I need to blow my trumpet here *bow with apology but no shame*

Some of the posters of William & Anjol as props for the cinema theme

Now back on track to the cake.

What better idea then a cake with reels, clapboard, popcorns and red carpet??  

The reels had 'films' of the couple's wedding photos. They were stacked up 'randomly' to have that fun feel.  I gave them corrugated texture to have that vintage go with the old fashion lighted bulbs around the movie posters on the wall.  

Popcorns were made from modelling chocolate and painted in shades of browns to make them 'caramelized'.  As it was a wedding cake there were sugar flowers as well.  Stairs with red carpets for the 'movie stars' of the day with real cake inside.  

Right on top is the movie clapboard carrying the family name: TEH Production.  Cameraman was the dad's and Director was the mum's names.  Of coz movie title was 'William & Anjol'.  Scene: Wedding. Total cake height was 3.5 feet.

The cake in all its old charm glory!!!
Another view

Special clapboard for the couple

The wedding photos on reels

The red carpet for the movie stars Will and Anjol

Corrugated texture on the reel face

The sugar roses

Popcorns made from modelling choc

I hope you like this cake as much as me love making it.

William & Anjol Floral Wedding Cake 1

Just like Sophie's Minnie cake there was no budget constraints for these 2 cakes which I created for my godson William and his beautiful wife Anjol.  And I love it when I can put in my all.  After all it is once in a lifetime presents for both of them.

There were 2 dinners on 2 separate nights with 2 themes one day after another.  If there are any constraints for these cakes it will be time.  Their wedding fell right in the middle of a 2-week cake decorating course by a visiting Cake Artist Kaysey Lackey from US and after a hectic CNY week.  It only meant I cannot do real cakes for every tier and also the only time I can do the cakes were night to morning.  And I did sleep around 4-6 am every MORNING for 1 week!  With only 4-5 hours sleep I was totally zoned out during the classes but I felt good inside.  Of coz the flowers were made way earlier. 

First night was in Rasa Sayang Resort with coral theme color and being Valentine's Day the couple wanted a cake with flowers and ruffles.

Front view of the 6-tier floral wedding cake

Back view

The sugar peonies (different species)

Silk hydrangeas were used as fillers

Different shades of coral were used
on the sugar flowers

Small Swarovski crystals were used
so that the flowers were still the focal point

Dummy tier
For a change I did flower ruffles -

time consuming but so so beautiful

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Minnie Cake for my Grand-daughter!

I made this cake through Chinese New Year specially for my precious grand-daughter Sophie.  Hehehe.  Maybe I lied a little bit.  I actually started this a week before.  Her birthday was 3rd day of CNY.

I did the most difficult first.  Minnie.  She was sculptured from styrofoam and covered with sugar paste.  Minnie is a celebrity and every child in the world knows her so a little bit out and she will look different so I had to do way in advance for the just-in-case I need to re-do.  Having said that I had to re-do her eyes three times!!!!!

Eyes too small
Eyes too big

For the little shoes I got the template from Deborah Hwang and change it slightly to a pair of baby boots from her Converse.  They look deceivingly difficult but it was easy.  I love making them.  Then I added Minnie to the back using Minnie cookie cutter and paint over it.

Before shoe laces
I love this!!!
After adding in Minnie

Next are the 'presents' which I loosely wrap with fondant to give them a softer look.  BTW not all 'presents' are cake.  The real ones are pandan butter cake.

5-tier Minnie cake
Styrofoam Minnie

Cakes inside some of these 'gift boxes'

Top view

My little greeting for Sophie

Baby boots cake topper

Sophie and me

Sophie sitting with her cake

The dessert table for the bday party

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ninjago Cake

This cake was commissioned for seven year old Andrew.  While it was fun making it we scratched our heads on making the hands....they are like cut opened cylinder type pincers.

The sword was another hurdle.  The pincer-hand has to hold it upright!  This cake has to travel in the customer's car to Hard Rock Hotel so this sword has to be light BUT stable enough to withstand the journey and duration of the party.  

When we finished this cake minutes before pick-up....borrowing Cake Bosses' Carlos words "we stepped back and have a was just amazing!!!"  Hahaha.

We love it and hope you like it too.

Notice the pincer-hand?