Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clog Cake

A cake commissioned by my sister-in-law for a dear dear friend celebrating her 60th.  

If you are wondering why a pair of clogs??  There is a warm story of friendship and bond behind it.  It seems that during the mini-skirted days in England my sister-in-law bought each of them a pair of these clogs.  The friend recently recalled her Union Jack designed clogs in one of their emails so sister-in-law decided to surprise her with a bday cake in the form of her long lost clogs!  

If I am not mistaken bday girl flew in from NZ, sister-in-law came in from US and other friends from all over to celebrate the big do. I heard she cried when she saw her 'clogs'!!!

Name & Birthday on the 'label'

Fantasy Forest Wedding Cake

"My fiance loves purple butterflies" ~ Mark's only request.  This means I have a free hand in creating this cake for the couple.  Yay!!!  From the first email I have a feeling that this couple loves fantasy kind of thing since they suggested a unicorn cake.  So my proposal was met with great excitement from the groom....a Fantasy Forest cake with ethereal looking butterflies and ferns on 2 tiers of white cake with a bottom tier as 'tree trunk' complete with 'chocolate barks', wild flowers and mushrooms.

The butterflies were printed on wafer paper, cut and then lined with glittering sliver veins. 

Ferns were drawn on CorelDraw first then exported to Silhouette software.  They were then cut out using my new toy Silhouette Cameo on wafer paper too!!!  Talking about green ferns I had to spray the paper first....causing green dust all over my apartment, body and clothes and inside my nostrils!  Hahaha...female Hulk.  

Anyway it was a big step for me...handling a new hardware and software at the same time besides a new medium. (I cannot contain my excitement I even made my first peonies and roses since no big flowers were involved in this cake...see my earlier posts).  Ahhhh...I am falling deeper and deeper in love with this wafer paper.

With the sugar paste mushrooms/toadstools and the translucent ferns, butterflies and wild flowers....the whole cake looked so ethereal.  It was simple yet beautiful.  

The wedding dinner was held in a restaurant by the sea.  Imagine the butterflies fluttering lightly and ferns move when the sea breeze flowed in!!!  Ahhhh...can you see that in your mind's eyes too??

All real cake

Wafer paper ferns, butterflies and wild flowers