Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Minion Cake

The Minion craze is not slowing down.  We have more request for this cake.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello KItty Cake and Cupcakes

Another Hello Kitty cake.  It was for 1 year old Lyla...a cute and pretty little girl.  

The main cake is inspired by the invitation card...blossom and color.  Mummy commissioned a smash cake for a photography session as well.

The mummy is a big fan of Hello Kitty...I am sure!

Set up at Quay Side
Smash Cake

Forever Friend Bear Cake and Cupcakes

The main cake was fun to make. The cupcake toppers was more like "I think I can...I think I can"  Not liking the repetition is one thing but an order is an order....we have to respect the cupcake toppers.  All seventttyyyy of them.  Hahahahaa.

Enough said.  Ta-da!

Wavy Ruffle Wedding Cake

We have done our fair share of ruffle cakes....those inspired by Maggie Austin.  Since then ruffles have evolved into curly, wavy, vertical runs, slanting etc. but one which caught our eyes recently is one that has more irregular waves.  It is definitely fabric influenced. The ruffling is more subtle. We love it.  And what better way that try it on our wedding cake!  

The thought of making it ombre did cross my mind but decided to keep it as simple as possible since the bride wanted gold on her cake too.  Its a gold, white and peach theme wedding.  Hope you will love this cake as much as the bride and groom!!!

Sugar peach color peony

The gold trimming on the ruffle

The light gentle ruffle looks
really stunning on the cake

Barn Cake

Daddy from New Zealand made an appointment with us to discuss about the cake.  Mummy was very specific with the kind and number of farm animals...only I decide to add in 3 little 2D pigs behind the fence.  I think they are cute!

All 3 tiers have different cakes....chocolate butter, vanilla butter and chocolate mud cake.  The barn house is sculpted from chocolate butter cake.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see Asher's face when we delivered.  We were too early.  Hahaha.

2D pigs peering out from the fence

Notice the stacks of hay on the side?

Moo-moo cow

Bah-bah black Sheep have you any wool....?

Miniatures on Birthday Cupcakes

If you have been following me on FB you would have known by now I 'dislike' making cupcakes coz it is all about repetitions!  Since my partnership with Weenee (she loves making cupcakes...hence her page name ~ love-a-cupcake) I was coaxed into making them together with her.  I cannot even likened it to an acquired taste coz there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me!!  Most of the time I am like... "here's another RM10" after each topper I make.  By the time I finish the last topper I will be like "PHEW!!!" with capitals. 

But....let me tell you this.  

Making miniatures as toppers on cupcakes is totally different ball game!  No repetition...hmmmm unless its like that Jimmy Choo sneakers down there where I have to do right and left *roll eyes*  These each-of-a-kind-toppers gives me a chance to brush up my molding, coloring/painting and writing with a brush.  After completing each piece it gives me a sense of fulfillment.  Its like making those bigger 3D cakes...only this is the mini version but that doesn't mean my satisfaction is any less.

Eventho I can count by my fingers the number of set cupcakes I made since my partnership I must say this is my most challenging yet....for my little cousin Teressa.


Cat Ginger


Jimmy Choo sneakers

Mahjong tile

Prada Bag

Ikura Roll

Salmon Belly Sushi

Otoro Sushi

Alexander Shorokhoff Miss Avantgarde

Chateau Montelena wine

Saturday, September 21, 2013

80th Birthday Cake

The customer wants red red for grandma's birthday.  We also have a set of Chinese proverb to copy on the mahjong tiles.  Between Weenee and myself the only Chinese characters we know are our names.  Nevertheless we manage to treat them like graphics and able to engrave and paint them on fondant.  I must say they look pretty good to me  *blowing own trumpet*  Hahaha.

THEN...humidity spoilt them all.  It has been raining 3 days straight.  The colors bleed out onto the whites.  All the hard work gone down the drain just like that.

We do not like to give sub-standards to customers so we re-do all the mahjong tiles.  Our customer had to wait for us when she came to collect the cake.  Shinyi...if you are reading this...I apologise again.

Close up of granny

The wasted mahjong tiles