Thursday, July 17, 2014

Slash (Guns N Roses) Cake

It is confirmed I live inside a coconut shell!  I don't even know who or what is SLASH!

I have this beautiful customer who came in and wanted to commission a 'slash' cake for her daughter.  For that split second I was completely blank. What's that?  Then it was like 'how do I do a cake about slashing!' in my head.  When I regained my composure me being me thick-skinned and all I asked 'why slash?' without shame...and not 'who is Slash?' mind you.  Hahaha.

Slowly she brought me out of my shell.  Slash is a member of the famous 'Guns n Roses' - not that I know who they are.  And this messy-haired guy is the daughter's idol!!!!  And his signature look is his hat.  Oh i see....  

With enough information.....*drum rolls*

Presenting Asha's cake!  

Oh!  Wait....before that I googled and found an amazing doodling of Slash by Vince Low, a young Malaysian.  He is just amazing!!!!  And his talent is unbelievable.  Do read more about him: Vince Doodling Story

*Drum rolls again*

Vince Low's doodling
Slash's famous hat becomes the topper
of this cake

Red sugar rose as in 'Guns n Roses'

Cake is wrapped with montage of Asha's
favorite songs by Slash

Incorporating the doodling
as part of the montage

Close up of the montage

Close up of the montage

The beautiful bday girl with her cake