Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wafer Paper Dendrobium Orchid Cake

It is just recently that I started making wafer paper flowers.  Needless to say I enjoy making them and find it quite addictive so will take every opportunity to do them on cakes.  But I have been making so many peonies and roses until I think people who has been following my work thinks I only know how to do only these 2 types of flowers.  So when this bride wanted something different I was just too happy to oblige.  She wanted spider chrysanthemums, white orchids, yellow dancing ladies and mixture of real and wafer paper flowers on her cake.  After a few emails we decided on white orchids as the paper ones and the rest real.

Ta-tah!  The whole ensemble looks good huh?  The color combination is also very pleasing to the eye.

This is also the first cake with white chocolate ganache and white chocolate sinful and decadent but i bet so so yummy.

Close-up of the paper wafer orchids

Mixture of fresh and paper flowers