Thursday, March 26, 2015

Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake

My second Peter Rabbit cake....with Lily and Ben....and his veggy farm.  It was really fun making miniature vegetables with sugar paste. 

And I was carried way making the figurines too.....But somehow ended up with Peter being too tan.  I learned that sugar paste must not be handled for too long...color darkens when it melts.   

Unfortunately Peter is too dark

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Circus Cake bride returned from Melbourne for her baby's 1st birthday!!!  How cool is that?

It was to be a circus theme party.  This cake was designed by them based on their invitation card.  Daddy was so excited when he saw a popcorn cake from the internet and want it incorporated into Zaynne's cake.  Mummy said bright colors and buntings are a-must-have!  And so ideas from card, daddy and mummy the cake emerged!  Ta-da!!!

All figurines are handmade from sugar paste.  Popcorn is real though.  Cake is chocolate mud and vanilla butter cake.

White Petal Ruffle Wedding Cake

This is a beautiful cake by my standard...but wish the monogram is smaller!  Hahaha.  I used 302 blossoms and 4 hours to complete the middle tier.  Yep! I counted them coz I do 50 blossoms each batch.  The laces are Claire Bowman's

Garden wedding at Lone Pine,
Batu Ferringhi