Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rose-Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

My rose-cherry blossom take.  Butterflies are printed wafer paper.

Cherry blossoms & roses

Sugar rose & wafer paper butterflies

Chic-Rustic Chalkboard Anniversary cake

I have always wanted to make a rustic kind of cake and more so with chalkboard but unfortunately all customers cannot be convinced into it.  So when my auntie wanted to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary I grabbed this opportunity to make her one.  The design was already in my head...rustically applied icing top tier and a  blackboard bottom tier which I can 'write' and life size sugar peonies against lots of different kinds of green herbs ....all on a tree trunk cake stand.  

Then I received an email from my auntie that my uncle would love to have a figurine of himself in uniform and her with long flowing hair with a tiara and wearing lots of jewellery.  Hmmm...a total opposite of rustic.  B..b..but...I do not want to let go of my ideas.  Hahaha...the little rebel in me said "why not!".....in cake there is no right and no wrong. I know, I know I am stabbing myself somewhere.  It is just not me, right?  But like I said it's the 'the little rebel in me'.  Chic and rustic can go hand in hand...my way!!!!!!!!!

The front chalkboard was free hand written ~

"17 May 1975
Love you then
Love you still
Always have, Always will
Patsy & Noel"

Paper thin petals

Sugar peonies

I used rosemary (herb) only in the end

The marrying of chic and rustic!

My 'uncle' in uniform and 'auntie'
with all her fine jewellery

So what do you think of my chic-rustic cake??

Seashell Wedding Cake

It was a garden party by the sea for a young couple's third reception.  First one was in Melbourne, their home base and second in Singapore, at the groom's parents' and this one, the mother of the bride's hometown.

Another Peony Wedding Cake

For a very appreciative couple....a simple Peony cake.

And I received this the very night of the reception!!!  No money can buy this happiness.  Yeehar!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Peony Wedding Cake

Another Peony Wedding Cake.  Peony seems to be the popular choice amongst bride.  This time the couple is more specific...they prefer the 'cabbage' type.  Theme color peach and cream.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Peter Rabbit & Friends Cake

My second Peter Rabbit cake....with Lily and Ben....and his veggy farm.  It was really fun making miniature vegetables with sugar paste. 

And I was carried way making the figurines too.....But somehow ended up with Peter being too tan.  I learned that sugar paste must not be handled for too long...color darkens when it melts.   

Unfortunately Peter is too dark

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Circus Cake

Ahhh...my bride returned from Melbourne for her baby's 1st birthday!!!  How cool is that?

It was to be a circus theme party.  This cake was designed by them based on their invitation card.  Daddy was so excited when he saw a popcorn cake from the internet and want it incorporated into Zaynne's cake.  Mummy said bright colors and buntings are a-must-have!  And so ideas from card, daddy and mummy the cake emerged!  Ta-da!!!

All figurines are handmade from sugar paste.  Popcorn is real though.  Cake is chocolate mud and vanilla butter cake.