Thursday, July 17, 2014

Slash (Guns N Roses) Cake

It is confirmed I live inside a coconut shell!  I don't even know who or what is SLASH!

I have this beautiful customer who came in and wanted to commission a 'slash' cake for her daughter.  For that split second I was completely blank. What's that?  Then it was like 'how do I do a cake about slashing!' in my head.  When I regained my composure me being me thick-skinned and all I asked 'why slash?' without shame...and not 'who is Slash?' mind you.  Hahaha.

Slowly she brought me out of my shell.  Slash is a member of the famous 'Guns n Roses' - not that I know who they are.  And this messy-haired guy is the daughter's idol!!!!  And his signature look is his hat.  Oh i see....  

With enough information.....*drum rolls*

Presenting Asha's cake!  

Oh!  Wait....before that I googled and found an amazing doodling of Slash by Vince Low, a young Malaysian.  He is just amazing!!!!  And his talent is unbelievable.  Do read more about him: Vince Doodling Story

*Drum rolls again*

Vince Low's doodling
Slash's famous hat becomes the topper
of this cake

Red sugar rose as in 'Guns n Roses'

Cake is wrapped with montage of Asha's
favorite songs by Slash

Incorporating the doodling
as part of the montage

Close up of the montage

Close up of the montage

The beautiful bday girl with her cake

Friday, June 13, 2014

Coral Peony Wedding Cake

Another coral color theme cake with cupcakes....commissioned by Faiza for her niece's wedding.  Flowers are all sugar paste.  The cupcakes are chocolate brownies with strawberry flavored butter-cream.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

2-tier Wedding Cakes

This 2-tier black and white theme cake was commissioned for a destination wedding for a couple from Singapore.

Before I put on the black accent I tried an all-white option just for fun!  Not bad, eh?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vintage Peony Wedding Cake

This is the first time I used silk flowers on a wedding cake.  Love the color combination.  A very vintage look which is what the couple wants.

Its 3-tier of real cakes with bridal figurines as topper.  As usual I love making my version of their replica for their big day.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Classic Rose Wedding Cake

Commissioned by the young couple for their ROM.  A classic design with sugar roses and a couple of figurines of themselves.

 Interpretation of the couple

Monday, March 31, 2014

Old Charm of Penang captured on a cupcake tower

Very original.  Very creative.  And I would add....Very confident.  Normally customers want more but this bride wants very little.  And she knows it means more.  From the wedding invites one would be able to tell already that she is very creative.  And she knows that the little sparsely spaced 'moustache' cuttings on the cupcakes would sell ....shows her confidence. 

Oh...the 'couple on the bicycle' was cut out from the wedding invite....just for my photography pleasure.  The silhouette was the real deal.

SpiderMan Cake

Commissioned for Eugene who was specific with what he wants.  He wants Spiderman to 'catch' a number 5 in his web like in the photo!  (His mum attached the photo of a cake made by Marzia Caruso).  Normally I do not like to copy but for a child I have to bend over I guess.  Hahaha.  Oh yes...he wants lots of stars around Spiderman too...only I did not put them YET.

I wish I could see his face when he saw this cake.  But I overheard the mum explaining to him about the stars when she sent him a MMS during pick it up..."the lady lets you put up your own stars!"

Name handwritten using SpiderMan font