Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fuk Luk Sau Cake or The Three Gods Cake

This cake was commissioned by one return customer for his boss...a farewell and birthday cake.  It is an east meets west kind of cake as the birthday boy is someone very charismatic in looks but 'conservative' in thinking as he loves Fuk Luk Sau.

The figurines are crafted with sugar paste over egg-shaped foam balls.  The customer's instruction was 'cute' Fuk Luk I made them wrinkle-free as well.   With the downturn crescent shaped eyes they indeed look cute .....and happy!!!

The packing-straws are fondant.

I specially made a template for the wordings on the crate.  I had intention of using airbrush but end up using sponge effect as I was too lazy to take out my airbrush machine!  Hehehe.  But it works better in the end.

Anyway a message came back that night that the cake stole the show!!!!

Airing the figurines