Thursday, August 18, 2011

Basket of Orange Cake

Close up of the oranges

The cut orange cake

My son's then girlfriend's mother was celebrating her 50th. Not knowing what to buy I decided to make something special. I searched on the net to see if there was anything I went ahead and made this 'basketful of mandarin oranges'.

Each orange is covered with orange favored and colored fondant...then sprayed for a more vibrant tone.

The basket and linen are edible as well.....but they are hardened before I put in the 'oranges'

The cherry blossoms are handmade with clay instead of sugar paste coz I remember her telling me once that if ever I made her any flowers for her cakes it has to be clay so that she can keep forever!

Well...when the guests at the party saw us push out the cake they were like "What? Basket of oranges? No cake?" Then after the birthday song...the birthday girl picked up an orange to cut her cake. Everyone's eyes opened in disbelieve....and I mean everyone! After that no one wants to eat their share but to take home theirs instead.