Friday, December 14, 2012

Caterpillar Rocker Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake is a joint effort with Adrian for Weenee.  It was inspired by a real rocker which we hurriedly surfed for.  This rocker has an apple-seat and a box-full of toys...only we made this seat too small!!! You will forgive our unproportion-ness if you know how we scrambled and scurried around to get the cake done within 2 days!!!! Phew!

With limited time and a secret project to boot....we laboured over it in jittery when halfway through we were pranked by Ween's father (!!!) that Weenee was back from Perth and will be dropping into her studio anytime!!!!  (Ya...We were using her studio to do her secret baby shower cake!  Just imagine the stress, the irony ....and the humor).  We nearly died from laughter when we tried to trace the real whereabout of Weenee...was she really at home, in Perth, or on the way back??  Luckily we remembered the smartness of a smartphone.  Hahaha.  Problem shelved when she sent photos of the planes on tarmac...we continued working knowing we had at least 8 more hours.  She was still in Perth ....waiting for her flight back.

For 'revenge' we sent Weenee sneak peeks of the cake!  To counter-attack us Weenee asked her brother to spy on us not knowing that he is on 'enemy camp' with us. Hahahaha.  

For added 'insult' we hid the cake in HER cabinet in HER studio after completion!!!  How cheeky can that be?  We were so ready for her return.

The next morning Ween came to the studio and we acted normal.  It's like what people say.... the calm before the storm.  Then the unexpected happened.  She opened that cabinet (which was above her head) to indicate to us where she kept her cake trays....ONLY SHE WAS FACING US INSTEAD OF UP THERE!!!!  I freaked out!!!!!!  (If I had a weak heart I will not be writing this now....but I nearly vomited).  Luckily Adrian was cool and calm.  He continued talking to Ween while I gather enough brain cells to tell me to shut the door!!

At that moment in time we thought it was the end of the secret!!!  It would have been so anti-climax.

For your info Weenee was none the wiser and it remained a secret cake up till party time. Phew! Phew! Phew!  But for Adrian and me...I guess we will cherish the memories of making this cake and being pranked by Ween's dad for a long long time.

Ta-ta...presenting the happy cake!

The real rocker