Sunday, May 5, 2013

Miniature Cupcake Set

We have a very unique request from a young lady.  She wants a set of cupcakes with miniatures representing what her boyfriend defines as being successful.  His first goal in life is to be a graduate (did I tell you the couple is very very young?), owns a house (we made it into a bungalow), have lots of money in the bank (we thought having gold bars will be cooler), own a yacht, Nikon D600, wear branded shirt, branded shoes and underwear (hehehe), travel to Europe (Eiffel Tower flashed thro our minds), drink champagne, pay golf, drive around in a Nissan GTR ......and a mini cake with a drawing!!!  We did not probe into the significance of this cartoon on the cake though.

But was fun making miniatures.

Champagne cupcake

Bungalow cupcake

Golf bag cupcake

Nikon D600 cupcake

Gold bar cupcake

Branded shirt cupcake

Graduate cupcake

Branded shoes & underwear cupcake
(can you spy with your little eye
the Hugo Boss beneath?)

Marriage cupcake

Eiffel Tower cupcake

Nissan GTR cupcake

Yacht cupcake

Hand-painted mini cake

Completed birthday cupcakes & minicake