Monday, January 6, 2014

Dragon & Phoenic Cake for 90th Birthday Celebration

This cake was commissioned for a 90th birthday celebration.  A rare number to make, huh?

The dragon was semi-molded.  The body was hand-mold and covered with cut-out scales.  I tried to use tools to make scales directly on the body but it cracked a few times much to my frustration. As time was running out I was desperate and do what a normal person will do and try not to act clever...use circles!!! Yes...piece by piece but it was still way easier than when I tried to use my curved tools to make indentations.

Results was not too bad.  If only we have more time I would have hand-molded the feet as well. Weenee did a good job on the scroll and as requested a 2D phoenix.  As buddy from 'Cake Boss' would say "when we stand back and look, it was just awesome!"