Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blush Pink Peony Wedding Cake

When it comes to color I am very inconsistent in my liking.  Today I can tell you its black black black.  Tomorrow I can totally throw you off balance when I say lilac!!!  Hehe....I am an emotional person and this emotion spreads to my color chart as well. 

But then...after finishing this cake I love it.  And after more than 2 months I am still in love with it.  In fact it has become one of my personal favorite.  Don't get me wrong...I have not crossed over to be all girlie and pretending to be young.  But I believe it is the subtleness of three shade of pinks together that is affecting my judgement.  It is calming yet flirtatious. I am weird?  But least it is my favorite for the time being.

Blush Pink Peony Cake with pearl lace

Close up of sugar peony