Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Damask Wedding Cake

I just realized that I am suppose to have a blog about wedding cakes yet I have not posted up any wedding cakes.  Maybe I will post the latest first then move back.

This is my first Damask cake.  Funny....I just told Weenee 2 weeks ago that I have bought a few stencils from US but never use them before.  Then there is this Indian lady who called me up for an appointment to make a wedding cake for her son.  Yes...very rare these days to have children 'trusting' their parents to choose something for them especially one on  their big day.

We met a few days just before the family flies to India for the wedding and they will be back 5 days before the wedding in Penang.  I did submit a few original designs thro email to her....but in the end when she came back she decided a simple damask cake...a safer option.   What I understood from her daughter is that they have not seen any of my cakes on FB or anywhere.  I suppose its best to choose Damask then.

I have always wanted to try making sharp edges....and I guess I succeed with this cake. 

As for the stenciling it was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  I did not do a test run eventho I know that dark brown on pastel green is not that forgiving if I have to remove them if anything goes wrong.  I just pray.  Pray hard.  Maybe God was biting his fingers when I picked up my spatula and spread my first icing over the stencil....without tape or string to hold the stencil in place!!!!  Guess ignorance is bliss...or am I more of a gambler?

Ya....maybe the first spread bleeds slightly under the cuts but it was acceptable.  After that it was smooth sailing.  Next time I will choose something finer so that the icing would not be scrapped out that easily.  One time....2 times....done.  For those with a bigger space area maybe the curve of the cake makes the icing easier to be picked up by the spatula again and again....thinning it out eventually.

*drums rolling* ....my first Damask Wedding Cake!!!!

Damask Wedding Cake for Razeen & Shifa

At the wedding reception

After adding the rose topper - the rose were too dark

The beautiful couple cutting their cake