Monday, September 19, 2011

Its a Jungle Cake for a One Year Old

A lady emailed me to order a Mickey cake for her 1 year old son.  Mickey cake....Mickey cake....Mickey cake....  Hmmm so common.  Eventho I have not make a Mickey cake before I was reluctant to take up this challenge coz there are just too many Mickey cakes in Penang,  Walk into any cake shop you will see at least one there in the fridge waiting to be collected.

Anyway after a few emails we decided on a Jungle Cake with a criteria...must have an owl and a pig!!  I dived into that idea.  It will be my first animal cake with or without owls and pigs.  I sent mum 3 cake designs about a month later - one below her budget, one on budget and another above.  Immediately she replied that her hubby and herself picked the 3rd without hesitation.

With the design confirmed ....animal kingdom here I come!

I searched the net for tutorials...managed to find some and the rest I tried to figure out.  Made my first tiger, my first giraffe, my first hippo, my first fact all my FIRST.  Sarah, the baby's mum later suggested that since I have a snake, tiger and a monkey in my design will I be able to add in an ox as the dad is an ox (Chinese zodiac).  Why not?  In fact I made a very cute ox for him.  And since we are at identification I further suggest a party hat each with their names on it.

I thoroughly enjoyed making those cuties.  Once dried and harden I painted them.  They are then ready to party!

The confirmed design - I made minor changes after adding more animals

jungle cake
The Making of Jungle Cake
Completed Jungle Cake - with all edible fondant animals

Second tier of Jungle Cake

Top tier of Jungle Cake

Rice cereal tree with Mama Snake and Sister Monkey and Ethan's favorite Mr Owl

Fondant monkey - representing Sister Ari

Playful elephant

Another fondant elephant

Baby piglet tagging along to the party

Ethan is the Tiger

Didn't I mention the Ox is cute?

One of my favorite - giraffe

The toothy hippo

The adorable zebra

Lion - King of the Jungle - hear me roar!!!

Cake set up in the restaurant