Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cupcake Bouquet

As a rule I do not take cupcake orders.  Never like to eat one too.  Maybe I grew up eating too many of them.  But when this bride proposed hers I took the bait.  She wants cupcakes in the form of a bouquet!  Not too many...maybe 12 cupcakes...and bundled them up like a hand bouquet.  The bride even drew a design and sent it to me.

Actually I have never seen a cupcake bouquet..... so I googled for it.  Hmmm so many out there....but nearly all the same design....butter cream rosettes.  I like challenges and I also like mine always!  So I proposed life-like flowers with fillers instead - like a real bouquet since it's going to be the center piece for the table with her wedding cake.  Oh yes...for wedding cake the bride chose something like my Solitaire Ring Cake but she wants it to be in Tiffany color since the theme color for the dinner is aqua and red.  Now we are not talking about a normal bride who keeps to the classic conservative line.  I like it!  Or should I say I LOVE HER!!

Since red is the theme color I decided on anemone - the bright red type.  Then I made lots of red Hypericum berries as fillers together with rose leaves.  I like rose leaves...with a hint of reddish-brownish edges.

I also bought turquoise color sheer to wrap the cupcakes instead of the florist plastic sheets.

Anyway it was raining cats and dogs during the week of the wedding...and I was praying hard that my petals stays up!  Thank survived the humidity.

I made 16 cupcakes - covered with sugar anemones

Side view of the anemone on the cupcakes

How I stick the cupcakes to the styrofoam

I was too tired (staying up for 3 nights straight - sleeping around 8am for 3 - 4 hours only) I forgot I wanted to cover the styrofoam before putting up the cupcakes!!!  Yikes!!!!   I only remembered when I put up the bouquet on the table in Rasa Sayang Resort *sigh*  Luckily there are so many bunches of berries and leaves to cover the white foam.

Completed - Cupcake Bouquet

One cupcake is suppose to be seen as a CUPCAKE
...after all its a CUPCAKE BOUQUET

Closer view of the cupcakes

Close up of the Anemone