Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Cake Pops

The bride who order the Cupcake Bouquet wanted a unique cake for her wedding....instead of the normal tiered type and cake pop as wedding favors to her 250 wedding guests.

Hehehe...I don't know if I am actually living on this earth or outer space coz AGAIN...I have not heard of cake pop!!!! (My earlier post...I don't know cupcake bouquet exists). Ya...ya....I googled for it again.  Then I called the bride's partner in crime...Winnie.  Did I mention the bride has one?  Yes...both of them can come up with the most creative and challenging requests.

Since I have 2 days before my next order i googled for recipes and chose one which gave me the feel of 'i-think-this-is-it' and went out to get ingredients to make them.  I was deceived.  It looked so simple on texts!  The chocolate crack when the cake pop is too cold (out from the fridge).  If I leave the cake pop out longer so that it won't crack....then the lollipop stick will become detached when I twirl the pop into the melted chocolate!  Urghhh!  I managed to make a few dozens and passed them to Winnie though.

She literally melted when she tasted them and insisted they have the pops for the wedding.

I was like thinking to myself: if I don't take up this order I am not Lim Lee Sin.  I should not be scared of those little cake balls.  If it cracks so what?  Just make more.  If the pop drops out from the stick...just push it back.

So began the journey....

The Bride & Groom Cake Pop
Packing the cake pop carefully - making sure the lollipop
sticks stays intact

The Bride pops all ready in the plastic bags

The Groom pops

Tagged and tied

In boxes ready to be delivered

On the dining table