Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soft Toy Cake Collection inspired by Rachelle Miller

It was my daughter-in-law's birthday and since I got her a Swarovski cupcake bracelet charm I thought it would be a good idea to make her a giant cupcake with a Hello Kitty figurine on top. 

But Weenee said "no no....too common".  I kind of agree...or was she too convincing???  Hmmm...

Anyway we found this illustration of Rachelle Miller's and I was excited as it is a rabbit and a baby.  Since Mother's day is just around the corner we thought it is a good idea to make the rabbit cake for my daughter-in-law....as she too loves rabbits and a first-time mother.  It will be like a double celebration.

The illustration by Rachelle Miller

To read about how we ended up making the whole collection please go to
Rachelle Miller Collection in Cake

The birthday cake

Rabbits - dedicated to Ishuet & Sophie

Whales - dedicated to me & 3 sons

Giraffe - dedicated to Mag & sons

Owls - awaiting ownership

Bears - dedicated to Weenee & Zac

Birds - dedicated to Boon Shi & Kai

The complete collection