Monday, April 29, 2013

Princess & Anpanman

It is very common for us to have requests for a princess-like cake of all sorts....Cinderella, Snow White, Barbie, Fairy etc etc but a princess with a weird looking 'man' is a first.  I mean, we don't even know who is this Anpanman...just like we did not know about Pat the Postman.

We googled for him and see this round faced character with 2 circles as cheeks!!!  A Japanese bread man.  But work is work...we got out our drawing pad and send our proposal to the mother of the little princess Abigael in no time.  Mummy has one request...please make Anpanman as cute as possible!!!  Hmmm...what a challenge. LOL.

Hehehe...presenting our cute yet manly Anpanman so protective over our little princess holding her head (she is too young to have a boyfriend, ya?) in front of her cake castle.

The castle towers are all hollow sugar paste.  Cake is behind the couple.

The Princess & Anpanman

The beautiful and simple set up