Sunday, June 2, 2013

Apple Cake & Cookies

This cake was commissioned for one year old Qian Rui.  Theme: You are the apple of my eye!!  The mother wanted 'apples' on the cake with a little girl figurine...and 150 pieces of cookies. 

We use applique style design on the side of the cake for the apples and # 1 like those commonly found on baby comforter. And...just to be cheeky we decided to add in a cute 3-D worm!!!  Original proposal was in yellow but customer wanted pink.

The cookies were all about apples and more apples.  Striking red too!

The applique design on the cake

The 3D worm crawling out of the applique apple!

Applique design

Figurine topper of Qian Rui

Cookies with #1

Apple Cookies

Cookies with a bite