Sunday, June 2, 2013

Minion Cake #2

I did not see how anyone can love this little thing before I made this second cake.  I guess this yellow creature grows on me....with such big eyes and big goggles...and wearing that denim jumper suit.  There are a few versions of these eyed, two-eyed, long sausaged-type, short stumpy ones, lots of hair, stringy haired-ones etc etc I am getting to love them now.  How not to when I have to stroke the face, plant hair, make his eyes, wear his goggles for him, give him his short stumpy but cute legs and give him expression?  As cake artists we have to try to make him come alive....and in doing so we build a special bond!!!  Give you the creeps???  Wahahaha.  Laugh with me if you want and this is how I start to love these Minions.

Anyway this customer wants his Minion to be in clay and as big as his cake!  He wants the recipient, his sweetheart to keep the Minion forever.  It makes all the sense, right?

Drying the Minion upside down in our
Creative room

Weenee & I clowning around with him

The completed cake with Minion sending love signals to his sweetheart

Well...I hope you love this Minion as much as us in Sugar!