Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jake The Pirate Cake

This is a big cake!!  We were tasked with a set of 7 figurines....Jake, Cubby, Izzy, Skully the parrot, Tic-toc Croc and their treasure box on their ship Bucky.   As its a party for children there were also cupcakes with Jake and his crew as toppers.

We took days just to make the ship and figurines.  Weenee took care of the figurines while I was responsible for the ship.  Out of all the figurines I love Croc and Skully best.  Who is your fave?

The whole set - ship on the sea (cake) and cupcakes

Close up of Jake & his crew cupcakes

Bucky and his crew
on top of the sea-cake

Skully on top

Jake the Pirate

Izzy the Crew

Cubby the Crew

Tic-toc Croc

The ship before we put in the crew

Another view of the ship