Friday, July 26, 2013

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake

This is a WOW cake!!!  At least by our standard.  It was also fun to make.  The colors are so vibrant and put us in the right mood as well.

A traveling grandma commissioned this cake as a SURPRISE DUAL celebration for 2 persons close to her heart.

One is her 7 year old grand daughter who totally totally loves candy.  She wanted to surprise her grandma with her new haircut on her birthday but a little bird told grandma about it.  So the cheeky lady beat her to it by making sure we do a figurine of her with her new doll-cut!!!

The other celebrant is 70.  A very close family friend who owns a cabin up in the Swiss Alps.  He travels a lot while posted here.  His favorite place in the world is Penang of coz hence a globe depicting different scenes from the island....Penang Bridge, Hill train, sea and beaches etc.

When we delivered the cake the mother of the little girl was so excited and shock to see the actual cake exactly like what we sketched....she left us standing at the door holding that heavy cake!!!!  When she realised what was happening she was so flustered she quickly ushered us in....but too excited to find a place to HIDE the cake!!! Hahaha.  It made our day.

Front of the cake to show the globe
- Penang Bridge

Back of the cake

Side of the cake
Notice Penang Hill train?

Man with his cabin(cake)
on top of his travel-globe

70 year old celebrant

7 year old celebrant

Girl with her huge tub of candies