Monday, September 23, 2013

Miniatures on Birthday Cupcakes

If you have been following me on FB you would have known by now I 'dislike' making cupcakes coz it is all about repetitions!  Since my partnership with Weenee (she loves making cupcakes...hence her page name ~ love-a-cupcake) I was coaxed into making them together with her.  I cannot even likened it to an acquired taste coz there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me!!  Most of the time I am like... "here's another RM10" after each topper I make.  By the time I finish the last topper I will be like "PHEW!!!" with capitals. 

But....let me tell you this.  

Making miniatures as toppers on cupcakes is totally different ball game!  No repetition...hmmmm unless its like that Jimmy Choo sneakers down there where I have to do right and left *roll eyes*  These each-of-a-kind-toppers gives me a chance to brush up my molding, coloring/painting and writing with a brush.  After completing each piece it gives me a sense of fulfillment.  Its like making those bigger 3D cakes...only this is the mini version but that doesn't mean my satisfaction is any less.

Eventho I can count by my fingers the number of set cupcakes I made since my partnership I must say this is my most challenging yet....for my little cousin Teressa.


Cat Ginger


Jimmy Choo sneakers

Mahjong tile

Prada Bag

Ikura Roll

Salmon Belly Sushi

Otoro Sushi

Alexander Shorokhoff Miss Avantgarde

Chateau Montelena wine