Saturday, September 21, 2013

80th Birthday Cake

The customer wants red red for grandma's birthday.  We also have a set of Chinese proverb to copy on the mahjong tiles.  Between Weenee and myself the only Chinese characters we know are our names.  Nevertheless we manage to treat them like graphics and able to engrave and paint them on fondant.  I must say they look pretty good to me  *blowing own trumpet*  Hahaha.

THEN...humidity spoilt them all.  It has been raining 3 days straight.  The colors bleed out onto the whites.  All the hard work gone down the drain just like that.

We do not like to give sub-standards to customers so we re-do all the mahjong tiles.  Our customer had to wait for us when she came to collect the cake.  Shinyi...if you are reading this...I apologise again.

Close up of granny

The wasted mahjong tiles