Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Minnie Cake for my Grand-daughter!

I made this cake through Chinese New Year specially for my precious grand-daughter Sophie.  Hehehe.  Maybe I lied a little bit.  I actually started this a week before.  Her birthday was 3rd day of CNY.

I did the most difficult first.  Minnie.  She was sculptured from styrofoam and covered with sugar paste.  Minnie is a celebrity and every child in the world knows her so a little bit out and she will look different so I had to do way in advance for the just-in-case I need to re-do.  Having said that I had to re-do her eyes three times!!!!!

Eyes too small
Eyes too big

For the little shoes I got the template from Deborah Hwang and change it slightly to a pair of baby boots from her Converse.  They look deceivingly difficult but it was easy.  I love making them.  Then I added Minnie to the back using Minnie cookie cutter and paint over it.

Before shoe laces
I love this!!!
After adding in Minnie

Next are the 'presents' which I loosely wrap with fondant to give them a softer look.  BTW not all 'presents' are cake.  The real ones are pandan butter cake.

5-tier Minnie cake
Styrofoam Minnie

Cakes inside some of these 'gift boxes'

Top view

My little greeting for Sophie

Baby boots cake topper

Sophie and me

Sophie sitting with her cake

The dessert table for the bday party