Wednesday, March 5, 2014

William & Anjol Floral Wedding Cake 1

Just like Sophie's Minnie cake there was no budget constraints for these 2 cakes which I created for my godson William and his beautiful wife Anjol.  And I love it when I can put in my all.  After all it is once in a lifetime presents for both of them.

There were 2 dinners on 2 separate nights with 2 themes one day after another.  If there are any constraints for these cakes it will be time.  Their wedding fell right in the middle of a 2-week cake decorating course by a visiting Cake Artist Kaysey Lackey from US and after a hectic CNY week.  It only meant I cannot do real cakes for every tier and also the only time I can do the cakes were night to morning.  And I did sleep around 4-6 am every MORNING for 1 week!  With only 4-5 hours sleep I was totally zoned out during the classes but I felt good inside.  Of coz the flowers were made way earlier. 

First night was in Rasa Sayang Resort with coral theme color and being Valentine's Day the couple wanted a cake with flowers and ruffles.

Front view of the 6-tier floral wedding cake

Back view

The sugar peonies (different species)

Silk hydrangeas were used as fillers

Different shades of coral were used
on the sugar flowers

Small Swarovski crystals were used
so that the flowers were still the focal point

Dummy tier
For a change I did flower ruffles -

time consuming but so so beautiful