Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beach Ball Cake

Another return customer.  This time the customer wanted something round...can be a ball or globe or anything round.  I had suggested a Toy-train Cake at first but decided to keep to a ball.  Upon checking on the internet it is mostly Football Cake but I do not like a black and white for a 1 year old so suggested a Beach Ball Cake instead...make it colorful with pail and spade....and lots of 'sand' and 'seashells'.

The ball is butter cake then covered with white chocolate ganache before covering with fondant.  It is not the usual cake-ball where its stuck at the bottom to another cake or a board....but can be taken out and play with...coz I covered the cake completely with fondant.  The birthday boy can take the ball out to hold before cutting.

Everything is edible here.....sand, seashells, pail, ball, spade

Complete set for Isaac - Beach Ball Cake

Edible sand

Edible seashells & spade

Butter cake inside

Close up of seashells

More seashells

This is the thank you message for the mummy
Dear Lee Sin. Thank you very much for the awesome beach theme cake! They're so tasty and we love it to the last bite :) Isaac enjoyed the lovely butter cake!! Thank you again....

I should be the one saying thank you Erna!  Terima Kasih to you & Shariff for trusting me.