Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sugar Roses

Its all about sugar roses for the past 3 days.  I used to dislike roses because its too common.  When people talk about flowers its always roses....that's why.  I know I am weird.  But when customers start to ask for roses I have no choice but to learn to make them.  I always tell people that rose is one of the most simple yet the most difficult flower to make.  If the petals are not put together properly it might end up looking like a cabbage.  The edges too must not be over-frilled.  This is a common mistake amongst us.

Anyway for this coming wedding cake its ivory color roses.  Love this color.  Usually i will dust some petal dust over it but this time I want to keep it simple and 'fresh'.

My working table

Keep my flowers in the box over night
before I arrange them in bouquet

Buds as fillers for this cake

White fantasy filler flowers
Close up

cake topper

Cake topper

Cake topper