Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Roulette Cake

This cake was commissioned by a returned customer. It was meant for her grandma's 88th birthday but later decided to change it to a Father's Day cake.  She wanted something different so asked if I can make it playable.  So far I have only seen Buddy from Cake Boss made one that is movable and the rest were just cakes that looked like roulette wheel.  Lots of planning and drafting before I see the final cake taking shape. Also special thanks to Weenee to suggesting I use the ganache method for a stronger cake.

The stress and hardwork pay off pretty well I guess.  My customer came with friends and brother to collect this cake.  They were so excited...their appreciation came with screams and bows. 

Top front view

Hand drawn card

Gold 'plated' plaque in front
Sugar dices and chips stacked up high

Hand drawn 'King of Hearts'

The Koid casino chips

The turnable wheel in the center


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  2. This games are my favourite Thank you for your post. Now I know what I will prepare for my husband's birthday