Sunday, December 7, 2014

Castle Cake

It was a collaboration between Weenee and myself for the same customer who commissioned the 10th anniversary Hello Kitty cake and someone who loves everything Hello Kitty.

This Castle Wedding Cake was more than 5 feet tall!!!  Our biggest and tallest cake yet.  But wait....I am not sure whether it has the right to be called a cake as there is hardly any cake inside.  Hehe.  If it was to be cut and served to guests it meant we have to finish baking and decorating the cake within 3 days which then meant..... theoretically and physically it was impossible for 2 persons with 4 hands to finish.  Luckily customer wanted it for photography purpose cake involved so we took our time and worked in between other orders.

It was great fun without stress building and constructing our foam castle.  Along the way we learn new castle terms like battlement, arrow loop etc. from Tse Meng.  Through the cheers and laughter and a few blunders here and there we saw our castle materialized from the sketch book!  When Adrian came in to help with the lighting....cries of jubilation can be heard from outside our studio.  Words just cannot describe our pride when we saw the castle lighted up in darkness (we switched off the studio lights and draw the curtains just to feel the ambience up in the mountain ).   We were just short of stars in the sky only.  With the little pink flags up on top of all the turrets we can actually feel them flapping in the cool night air!! 

But THEN through all these building up of excitement one person felt an anti-climax.  Poor Weenee!  She has to leave for the UK.  She will not get to see the setup in the hotel.  She will also not get to throw her hand in the air and say "we have done it!" after that.

Anyway she really must have let this anti-climax thing eat into her long before we start constructing the cake coz she recorded the delivery 1 week before the actual date!!!  Anyway 2 hours before delivery on the recorded day I called up the event planner to check on the cake table and she was like "what cake?" "for who?"  

I panic.  Did I contact the wrong planner?  But she answered to the same name.  SO now what?  Wrong date?  Who is wrong?  The best is to confirm with the bride but er...will that be weird?  Anyway I gather all my guts to call her.  Hahaha...she laughed and confirm that it is one week later.  After that we contacted Weenee who has just arrived to London and told her the blunder ~ we all laughed till we cried!!!  But one thing for sure we were so thankful that there is no cake inside.  Phew!!!

Then a week later with some hiccups and terrible jams everywhere (it was the eve of a 60,000 ppl marathon) we inched our way to Equatorial Hotel.  The castle was re-assembled with all its glory and grandeur.  Meanwhile Weenee was texting us every few seconds for updates but to put her on edge we refused to reply.  How naughty can we get? Hahaha.

To sum it all up we did our dream cake and proud of it.  BUT not forgetting that credit too has to go to 3 other guys who helped to make it happened.  To them (besides our Japanese dinner) I would like to say another word of Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Tse Meng, Adrian and Penny for being there for Weenee and me!!!  We really appreciate everything - for the moral support, ideas, lighting, setting up, delivery, hardcore carrying etc etc.  Without you guys this would not be a success.  Together we have done it!!!

5 feet tall Castle Wedding Cake

The photography session
attracted a crowd in St Quay

Studio shot

Studio shot - background removed

HK Bridal couple

Close up of front view

Close up of front view

Testing our lighting in the studio

Setting up of the cake in Equatorial Hotel
with the help of musclemen Adrian & Tse Meng

Before stacking up the top tiers

Tse Meng 'gluing' the tiers

Micro adjusting by Adrian

Adrian doing his jubilation dance
after the lighting is switched on

"We have done it!"

Me - thumb up!

Lighted castle
unfortunately the backdrop has too many spot lights