Sunday, December 7, 2014

Train Cake

This is more of a transport theme cake with a 2D plane on top tier, a beetle car and tractor on the back....and a train running through the track around the cake.  The carriage boxes will be filled with M&Ms, chocolates and candies by the mummy later for the party.  

There is actually a number '2' on top of the top box but it has to stand in a candy filled carriage so I removed it for photography purpose.

All carriage boxes are made from gum paste.  Tracks are made with fondant and sprinkle with ground honeycomb rock sugar to give it a sand and pebble effect.

I love vibrant colors for little boys.  And I hope you feel the same too.  Thank you for reading!!!

The beetle and tractor at the back

2D plane with a 'Happy Birthday'
banner flying behind it

The train engine running thro the track

Empty carriage boxes to be filled with
candies later