Saturday, December 6, 2014

Peony Wedding Cake & Pot of Rose Cake

Commissioned by a doctor from UK.  He wanted 2 cakes....a wedding cake and a birthday cake on the same day.  The wedding day falls on his mother's 60th birthday or should I say he chose the birthday to be his big day!!!  

I created a very simple wedding cake for him and as for his mum's he chose a Laura Loukaides' design with a few minor changes.  A caring and filial son who put in so much time and effort searching for a cake that befits the mother night after night..... something that shows his love and gratitude to her.  To me he is true gem himself.

A week after the wedding I was so touched to receive this email from him.  Now I too love the mother.  Brought up her son so well.

Peony Wedding Cake
4 tiers of real cake

Back of the cake

Simplified clay version of the couple

Cake set up

Laura Loukaides design cake for
the mother's 60th bday

Everything edible