Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bottle Cakes

I made this cake twice....which was a bore but I improved on it slightly.

Version 1 
the neck of the bottles were thicker coz I forgot to minus the fondant thickness when the cakes were sculptured. Didnt even realised the mistake when I was covering them....*sigh* 

Everything were were edible....wooden box, straws, confetti etc. Labels are printed with edible frosting sheets

Cake inside the bottles

Sugar 'straws' lined the box with the 'bottles'

A made edible label complete with barcodes

The wood texture using marbling effect

Version 2
The bottles are the exact size of the real thing this time around.
I added a gift card and a tiny bouquet - made with sugar paste

The bottles are sculptured and covered with fondant
to the exact size