Thursday, September 6, 2012

Old Treasure Box Cake

This cake was commissioned for E&O Hotel's 125th anniversary.  My customer was a very creative man and wanted the word "Sarkies" and "Armenia" to be on a treasure box as E&O is colonial-style hotel founded and established in 1885 by the Sarkies Brothers who came from Armenia.  After a few sketches I settled on an old treasure box with rust and old maps and scrolls, old fashion lock with 'Sarkies' engraved on it.  On the box I tagged 'Made in Armenia'. The whole box sat on an old map of Penang.

I was told that this cake was on display in Sarkies for months.

Front View

Rear view

Wet and rusty nails on metal joints

The old maps and scrolls in the treasure box

The old Sarkies lock

Tarnished handle

E&O Hotel logo

The 'Made in Armenia' tag that is also tarnished