Sunday, September 16, 2012

Needlework Basket Cake

This cake is more of a Smocking Basket Cake.  There are so many cakes on knitting, quilting, patchwork, cross-stitching, needlework on the internet but I cannot find one for smocking.  There are smocking as decoration on sides of the cakes but not smocking per se ~ as a design on the whole.

So I use this idea as a cake for my mother-in-law who loves making smocking dresses.

This is a very colorful cake.  Bright and vibrant colors. 

I have a basket-weave print mold but I prefer to make real weave for this basket.  I just love the rustic look after handpainting it as compared to airbrushing it.  I know it is very time consuming but the effect speaks a thousand words.  

Remember my Apple Basket Cake?  That basket-weave was embossed with the print mold.  It spoilt the whole cake design especially so when i put in so much effort on molding, covering and painting the apples.  Ahh....just like when I used to leave my cake boards naked!!!!  I mean how damaging can that be?  I was new.  I was new.  I learned that going that extra mile for the finishing is so important.

Inside this basket is sugee or semolina cake.  The top is covered with sugar threads...the same brand that my m-i-l uses...DMC !!!  The unfinished smocking dress is casually placed on the basket..... with a sugar tape measure as well.  

What is more interesting is the Made-in-China-pin-holder.  Traditionally these comes in typical bright colors.  I can make them pastel as to be more original/creative but for an old lady I would prefer to go real.  She can identify the pin-holder better!!!  Hehehe.  Of course this comes complete with those little Chinese 'kids' around!!  Since it is a pin holder it has to have pins!

A sewing kit is not complete without a thimble....and this is painted with silver sheen and further dusted with silver petal dust.  Had wanted to make scissor too but I was too sleepy to continue.....

The handweaved and painted sugar basket

Close up of the smocking

The tape measure

The pin-holder

The colourful 'DMC' threads

Top view