Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mee Koo Cake

'Mee Koo' is our traditional bun use in Chinese festive celebrations and cultural ceremonies as offering to god during prayers or simply as a symbolic cake.   It is red.  It is in the shape of a turtle.  To us Chinese, turtle symbolizes longevity .....and red prosperity.  

The pink buns are 'huat kueh' which is steamed rice buns.  The steaming process of this rice cake causes the typical 'bloom' which means prosper.  This is another bun used in festive celebrations and ceremonies.

'Ang koo kueh' is the small red oval shaped cake with soft sticky skin wrapped with sweet filling in the center. The oval shaped of the cake is designed to resemble tortoise or turtle.  Again, it is a symbolic cake offered during rituals like religious event, childbirth and birthday.

So what better concept to use as a cake design for my then future daughter-in-law's mother than this set?

The full set

'Ang koo kueh'

'Huat kueh'

'Mee Koo' when cut